„PXG stands for „Parsons Xtreme Golf“ and was founded in 2014 by Bob Parsons. Bob Parsons, known as an American IT billionaire and golf freak, has made it his mission to develop the best golf clubs ever. He was tired of relying on the marketing promises of many mainstream golf club manufacturers year after year.

On the one hand, he granted PXG an extremely high budget for the development and on the other hand, the high sales prices made it possible to use special materials and new technologies for the first time for the golf market. With the slogan „Nobody makes golf clubs the way we do.Period.“ PXG has managed to ascend to the golf material Olympus within a short period of time.“

PXG 0311 Gen5 Driver

PXG 0311 GEN5 Driver

RH | 7.5° – 10.5° |

As the successor to the well-known 0811 X version, this driver-head stands for low backspin and a slightly rounder head shape. Due to the new carbon crown and an extremely thin titanium face, good ball speeds are achieved and at the same time a decent feedback is conveyed. New is the Precision Weighting Technology, which supports an adjustment to almost any swing type, whether fade, draw or straight!

PXG 0311 GEN5 Driver

PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Driver


RH | 10.5° – 12° |

The PXG 0311 XF Gen5 Driver is probably the easiest to play driver on the market. Very high MOI in conjunction with the new Supportet Weight Structure distribute the mass even better on the club head and so the one or other not quite so well hit ball still finds the fairway. A little more spin compared to the 0311 Gen5 driver increases control. A real fairway finder!

PXG 0311 Gen5 Fairway

PXG 0311 Gen5 Fairway

RH | LH | 15° – 18 |

Matching the new drivers, the PXG Gen5 series also offers 2 different fairway head shapes. As a low spin option for the sporty golfer, the PXG 0311 Gen5 fairway wood offers high ball speed in a slightly smaller head design. Loft and lie can be perfectly adjusted, thanks to the adapter, and also the weight placement, as well as the overall mass can be optimally adjusted in the fitting.


PXG 0311 XF GEN5 fairway

PXG 0311 XF Gen5 Fairway

RH | LH | 16° – 19° |

Slightly larger and designed for maximum playability, the new PXG 0311 XF Gen5 fairway wood is almost essential for the amateur golfer. High MOI and a little more spin give control and provide plenty of flight height. The 0311 XF also has the same technical features as the 0311 fairway wood and can be optimally adapted to the golf swing.

PXG 0311 Gen5 Hybrid

PXG 0311 Gen5 Hybrid

RH | 19° – 22°  |

Probably the most important club for the average golfer. For the sporty player, the PXG 0311 Gen5 Hybrid is a good compromise of slim head design in combination with the usual forgiveness of a hybrid. Whether draw or fade, thanks to the adjustable and interchangeable weight screws, the Gen5 Hybrid is also suitable for players who fight against too much left curve!

PXG 0311 GEN5 hybrid

PXG 0311 XF GEN5 Hybrid

PXG 0311 XF Gen5 Hybrid

RH | 22° – 25° |

XF also stands for „Xtreme Forgiving“ in the PXG 0311 XF Gen5 Hybrid. Maximum forgiveness thanks to a slightly larger head design, an optimally distributed mass and the new sole design for improved ground interaction is the ultimate goal of this club! 

PXG 0311 Gen5 Iron

PXG 0311 T Gen5 Iron

PXG 0311 T Gen5 Iron

RH | LH | #4 – PW |

The new PXG 0311 T Gen5 Tour iron comes as usual in a cool sporty look and delivers good comfort despite blade design. The lofts are slightly higher, which can generate even more spin and control. The new XCOR2 filling is softer and can be compressed better than its predecessor, which can result in more distance. The 5-ply forged steel allows the iron to flex exceptionally well. The large 8g screw on the back can be interchanged with 4-18g weights, providing all the latitude in terms of perceived swing weight. Also available in the new BlackLabelElite design.


RH | LH | #5 – PW |

The new PXG 0311 P Gen5 Player iron features a slightly higher offset and a slightly longer head design than the Tour version. The perfect iron for a wide range of players looking for a nice iron with great comfort. The HT1770 steel face is one of the thinnest on the market, which in combination with the XCOR2 filling allows high ball speeds to be achieved. As with the other heads, it is possible to play with weight, loft/lie as well as a combination of T, P and XP heads. Also available in the new BlackLabelElite design.

PXG 0311 P Gen5 Iron

PXG 0311 XP Gen5 Iron

PXG 0311XP Gen5 Iron

RH | LH | #5 – PW |

The PXG 0311 XP Gen5 Performance iron shows more offset and an overall larger head, but this is elegantly „hidden“ in the response posture. The lower center of gravity provides a higher launch at the highest ball speed. So if you’re looking for maximum distance and forgiveness from PXG, you’ve come to the right place. Nevertheless, despite the larger head and clear focus on the average golfer, all adjustment options remain, so that each head can be perfectly adapted to body and technique. Also available in the new BlackLabelElite design.

PXG 0311 milled sugar Daddy ii Wedges

RH | LH | 50° – 60° |

The PXG Sugar Daddy II milled Wegde was milled in many hours and is probably the highest quality wedge on the market. Weighting as well as center of gravity are set under the most meticulous tolerance limits. The head is available in two Bounce/Grind variants. Thus, for each surface the appropriate head (C-Grind 10 ° Bounce / BP-Grind 13 ° Bounce) is available. Through the new ‚Extreme High Toe Weighting‘ technology, it reaches new levels of forgiveness. Loft as well as lie angle can be easily bent +/- 4° and adjusted to the player. Also available in Xtreme Dark.

PXG 0311 milled sugar Daddy ii Wedges

PXG 0211

PXG 0211 Driver

PXG 0211 Driver

RH | LH | 9° – 12° | 

The simpler version from PXG comes with a weight screw positioned at the rear end of the head to maximise the MOI (forgiveness). A high launch angle as well as a moderate spin rate characterise the head – and the player does not have to do without the cool PXG carbon crown design. A choice of 7.5° to 13.5° loft makes this head playable at any speed.

PXG 0211 Fairway

RH | LH | 15° – 21° | 

The 0211 Fairway is aimed at players for whom a slightly larger head shape provides more security. The round face design should compensate for misses at the heel or toe much better and deliver more consistent flight curves. Here, too, the weight screw in the sole can be changed to optimally adjust the swing weight to each type of player.

PXG 0211 Fairway

PXG 0211 Hybrid

PXG 0211 Hybrid

RH | LH | 19° – 28° | 

This year, PXG also offers 0211 hybrids in the typical PXG design, which are a slightly slimmed-down version of the new 0341X Proto Hybrids. The adjustable weight screw remains the same, but in comparison to the 0341X, only the weight and not the position can be changed. The general construction with a hybrid crown made of carbon and steel, as well as the Honeycomb insert for vibration damping, is also comparable to the Proto series!

PXG Wedges & Putter

In addition to irons and woods, PXG also offers wedges and putters. The wedges are available in different grinds (= sole shape) and all imaginable loft angles. The highlight of the wedges is the wedge with the provocative name „Sugar Daddy“, which was milled from a single metal block in over 3 hours of machine time.