HIO Fitting stands for competence and passion in golf club fitting. From engineers to sports scientists to designers, our team has a wide range of core competences and knowledge in the area of club fitting.

During the fitting analysis, we’ll check on whether your current golf clubs fit to you and show you the additional value you can achieve with new customized golf clubs. We put our focus on: shot length, precision, feel and control.

We are 100% brand-independent and can therefore recommend the golf club that actually fits to you. Each golf club is individually manufactured in our workshop in Munich. Highest precision in construction combinded with your individually chosen design ideas lead to golf clubs that are just perfect.

In 2021 we have set up our new high end fitting studio in Lugano, Ticino in Switzerland. We are happy to finally be able to offer our services in reachable distance to golfers from all over Switzerland. Matteo Quaquarelli, Swiss PGA Pro, former professional player and HIO Master Fitter is able to offer Fitting Analysis in english, french & italian and is looking forward to welcome you in Lugano.

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Fitting Studio Lugano


Matteo Quaquarelli HIO
Matteo Quaquarelli

We are very happy to have with Matteo the perfect person in charge to run our swiss based studio. The friendly Italian is fully qualified PGA Pro and an absolute fitting expert with an extremly high skillset in biomechanics, golf equipment and fitting. Matching him with our over the last 10 years developed HIO philosophy, we can provide an absolute high class know how. Customers can look forward to get fitted in english, italian and french.

Since in Switzerland it is a „Fitting only“ Hub, the whole HIO team from workshop to marketing helps Matteo to offer our swiss customers the best fitting experience possible.


+41091 226 01 55

The HIO family has grown from a small start up to a team of young experts on every level in the field of golf club fitting. Service and customer satisfaction is our highest goal and we’re happy to have established a team not only with the highest qualification, but also with a great sense of service and kindness.


No matter if you are be-ginner or professional golfer

While club fitting means the finishing touch for a professional golfer, it creates the basic requirement for a beginner to quickly learn a natural golf swing. Our fitters are both trained to do fitting on tour level, but also understand golfers that are at the beginning of their passion for golf in order to offer the right service for the perfect golf club.

Fitting für Anfänger und Tourspieler

Golf club fittings

Lugano Putterfitting

A professional golf club fitting

  • … maximizes your strengths and continuously supports you in achieving your personal best
  • … prevents swing errors due to wrong material
  • … creates confidence in your golf clubs
  • You should plan at least 3 hours for a fitting analysis of the complete bag
  • For one category (e.g. irons) 1.5 hours are usually sufficient
  • We optimize your current golf clubs as well as new golf clubs for you
  • Ideally, bring your current golf clubs with you
  • The fitting fee must be paid additionally when purchasing clubs
  • Ordered golf clubs are usually delivered within 10-14 days

The following specifications of a golf club can be customized during the fitting


  • loft and lie angles
  • face position and offset
  • head material and center of mass
  • curvature of the clubface
  • color and shape


  • grip thickness
  • grip weight
  • material and color


  • stiffness
  • torsion
  • bending point
  • weight
  • alignment
  • material and color


  • club length
  • swing weight / moment of inertia
  • total swing weight
  • optimal set compilation



Golf training, club fitting & player development. Trackman has great performance with stunning graphics for fittings and training.


The world's best, most accurate and most comprehensive putt analysis and training tool. It analyzes all important parameters of the putt and evaluates them graphically.


The ultra high resolution force plate to perfectly analyze balance and weight transfer during the golf swing. Perfectly suited for biomechanical analysis!


The hands are the only connection between the player and the golf club. That is why we use Hack-Motion to precisely measure the movement of the wrist in order to improve the position and thus the swing in the fitting.

Brands and Products

Only the performance counts!

It is not the brand that counts for us, but above all the function and the  of the individual club. We want to offer a wide range of wedges, irons, woods, hybrids and putters for testing, so that everyone can find the perfect club for themselves. We choose our products very carefully and use the following well-known head and shaft manufacturers:

PXG, TaylorMade, Titleist, Exotics, TourEdge, Vega, Cobra, Areso, Scotty Cameron and others…

Mitsubishi, Accra, Nippon, KBS, Shimada, Aerotech and others…

With a special golf fitting system, we can connect different heads with a huge selection of shafts in a matter of seconds. In this way we ensure that on the one hand the ball flight and on the other hand the feel of the shot are optimized as best as possible.

HIO - The best choice

Customer satisfaction and 100% service !

HIO was founded to set new standards in golf fitting. In order to make our customers happy in the long term and to raise their golf game to a new level with a golf club fitting, sustainable customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us. From infinite design possibilities to a lifetime guarantee, we want to set a benchmark in the area of ​​club fitting and invest a lot in order to do our best for every single customer.

HIO Fitting-Options


CHF 200-400
  • 1.5 - 4h
  • Swiss PGA Professional with >1000 hours of fitting
  • Body measurements & club date & ball flight data
  • Trackman: Ball flight & club data, SAM Putt Lab
  • Final recommendation about club adjustments and / or purchase of new golf clubs at the end of the fitting including the perfect compilation of the recommended clubs in your bag
  • E-mail evaluation of the launch monitor data
  • 30min check-up with distance measurement included when purchasing clubs
Indoor FittingWeekdaysEvenings & Weekends 
1,5 h200,00 CHF200,00 CHF
2,0 h250,00 CHF250,00 CHF
3,0 h350,00 CHF350,00 CHF
4,0 h400,00 CHF400,00 CHF


CHF 1000
  • Full Day
  • Swiss PGA Professional with >1000 hours of fitting
  • Body measurements & club date & ball flight data & biomechanics & swing coaching
  • Trackman: Ball flight & club data, SAM Putt Lab, SAM Balance Lab
  • Final recommendation about club adjustments and / or purchase of new golf clubs at the end of the fitting including the perfect compilation of the recommended clubs in your bag
  • E-mail evaluation of the launch monitor data
  • Supply of video recording of the golf swing incl. discussed technical parts
  • 30min check-up with distance measurement included when purchasing a club
  • Optional discussion of frequency matching and swing weight
  • Intensive discussion with your golf pro of the analyzed data and material recommendation as well as identified deficits in your swing
  • Special wedge fitting included
  • Outdoor Check-Up with any adjustments + Indoor Session
HIO Fitting Experience Weekdays Evenings & Weekends
Full Day 1000,00 CHF 1000,00 CHF
Dauer Wochentags Abends & Wochenende
Indoor Fitting 1 Person 1,5 h 200,00 CHF 200,00 CHF
2,0 h 250,00 CHF 250,00 CHF
3,0 h 350,00 CHF 350,00 CHF
4,0 h 400,00 CHF 400,00 CHF
2 People* 3,0 h 350,00 CHF 350,00 CHF
4,0 h 400,00 CHF 400,00 CHF
HIO Fitting Experience 1 Person Full Day 1000,00 CHF 1000,00 CHF
Putter 1 Person 1,0 h 150,00 CHF 150,00 CHF
2 People* 2,0 h 250,00 CHF 250,00 CHF
* The fitting time is divided between both persons, the fittings are performed one after the other

Why does HIO not credit the analysis fee when purchasing?

Our primary goal is to inspire golfers of all levels through professional analysis and to create long-term added value. We see ourselves as absolute experts when it comes to materials and would like to clearly differentiate ourselves from traditional in-store sales. Due to our variety of brands, we can make an independent recommendation and therefore maximize the performance golf clubs as well as players.

What do you get from us as part of a fitting:

  • measurement and evaluation of your own clubs
  • club know-how with the help of the most modern measuring technology in our own workshop
  • analysis of your ball flight data and thus conclusions on clubs and technique
  • explanation of the knowledge gained in the fitting
  • important technical tips for the perfect interaction of material and player

Above all, however, you have a contact person on site who will be happy to answer your questions any time and offer quick support with any problems that might occur.


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