Feel the difference

After more than a year of development, we were able to let the first testers loose on our putter at the beginning of this year. Several players in the national league as well as experts in the industry are enthusiastic about the performance and versatility of the putter. These features distinguish the Hopper:

– Loft and lie angle flexibly adjustable
– Weights can be adjusted from 5g to 60g
– Specially developed cast iron insert for maximum feedback
– Extremely high MOI for stable guidance
– Different customising options.

This is what the world’s most famous putting specialist says about our putter:

The newly developed "Hopper" putter from HIO convinces with its innovative and functional design. The high hitting surface and the lateral weights in the head enlarge the sweet spot and ensure a stable and directional impact moment. The soft material of the hitting surface provides precise feedback for good distance control. Furthermore, the putter can be optimally adjusted for each player by selecting loft, lie, weight and shaft material. Measurements on the SAM PuttLab confirm these properties with excellent values for directional factors, swing behaviour and stroke consistency.

Have the Hopper Putter perfectly tuned and custom made now at HIO Fitting in the Putter Fitting!