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The brand with which arguably the best players in the world started their careers and celebrated their greatest successes. No other racket brand has been the supplier of the world’s number 1 as often as Titleist. Famous players have changed, but the success remains. On the PGA Tour, Titleist is currently the most played brand in the important categories and that’s why we wanted them for you too! With the components from Titleist, we are expanding our large portfolio with some real highlights.

Titleist TSi Woods


RH | 9°-12° | LH  | 10° |  

With the TSi1, Titleist brings another version in terms of „lightweight“ to the market. The unique ATI 425 titanium alloy is the key element of the TSi clubface – on it every single contact point of the Titleist TSi Driver is more tuned for speed than ever. The lighter head, in turn, allows even lighter shafts to be used without the club becoming too top-heavy. Especially for low speeds, the TSi1 promises more speed and a high launch angle thanks to the rear-mounted weight.


RH | LH  | 9-11° |  

With the TSi2, Titleist has been able to reduce drag by 15% compared to its predecessor, maximising ball speed in combination with an extremely stretchable titanium on the face. Inertia (MOI) has been increased by 13%, allowing off-centre hits to perform better. In comparison, the TSi2 is the perfect blend of a sporty look yet comfortable driver. As usual, the weight and loft can be adjusted, which brings a wide range with three different initial lofts.


RH | LH | 8°-10° |  

The sportier version of the TSi2 also comes with the special titanium alloy from the aerospace industry and promises less backspin and a flatter launch than the TSi2. Here, the player can trade minimally more speed for some comfort, which can be attractive for the sporty player. Here, the focus can also be shifted in terms of fade/draw support and more/less spin using the slide control. As with the other heads, 16 lie/loft settings are possible for each head.

Titleist TSi Fairways


RH |15° – 23°| LH | 15°-18° | 

Das Titleist TSi2 Fairwayholz startet mit unglaublicher Geschwindigkeit und Genauigkeit, die von der gesamten Schlagfläche in Verbindung mit einem tieferen, niedrigeren Schwerpunkt erzielt werden und in mehr Länge resultieren. Wie schon beim Driver überzeugt das TSi2 mit einem hohen Ballstart und niedrigem Spin.


RH |13.5° – 21°| LH | 13.°-18° | 

The Titleist TSi2 fairway wood launches with incredible speed and accuracy achieved from the entire face combined with a deeper, lower centre of gravity resulting in more distance. As with the driver, the TSi2 boasts a high launch and low spin.


RH |13.5°-18°| LH |15°-16.5°|  

Matching the drivers, Titleleist convinces with the TSi3 fairway woods. Golfers who want to work harder with the club and shape shots. For them, the new SureFit CG track design allows additional more precise control over the placement of the centre of gravity (CG).

Titleist TSi Hybrids


RH | 20°, 23°, 26°, 29° | LH | 23°, 26° |   

The Titleist TSi1-Hybrid has a slightly larger head shape, but is extremely light! Especially golfers who have rather moderate swing speeds benefit from the reduced weight and a high launch angle. A lower and more rearward centre of gravity supports stability and increases playing comfort!


RH | LH | 18°, 21°, 24° | 

Highly forgiving, TS2i hybrids maximise performance for players who tend to sweep through the ball (similar to hitting a fairway wood). They achieve high launch and effortless distance. The club head is slightly larger to accommodate players who prefer the look of a fairway wood.


RH | LH 18°, 20° | 

The TS3 hybrids offer players who attack the ball more steeply a premium combination of length and control. They deliver a mid-high launch and precise length control comparable to an iron. The more compact angular shape is designed for players who prefer the look of an iron.

Titleist IRON

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RH | LH | 3-PW, AW | 

Titleist’s T100 irons deliver absolute control and familiar feel to good players. With tungsten inserts (D18) and refined for more consistency in the heel and toe of the long and mid irons, the centre of gravity is perfectly positioned on each club and the soft steel used means the irons adjust well to each player; loft and lie by up to 2 degrees (+/-).


RH | LH | 3-PW | 

The „Max Impact“ technology of Titleist’s T200 irons is designed to produce maximum ball speeds from almost any point on the clubface. Together with the large use of tungsten – around 90 grams are in the medium and long irons – this results in high stability for off-centre hits. With a loft/lie adjustment of 2 degrees (+/-), there are great adjustment possibilities for each individual player. Significantly less offset than the predecessor and polymer back covers round off the overall package.


RH | 2-PW, AW | 

Die „Max Impact“-Technologie der T200-Eisen von Titleist soll maximale Ballgeschwindigkeiten von nahezu jedem Punkt auf der Schlagfläche erzeugen. Zusammen mit dem großen Einsatz von Wolfram – rund 90 Gramm stecken in den mittleren und langen Eisen – ergibt das eine hohe Stabilität bei nicht mittigen Treffern. Mit einer Loft/Lie-Anpassung von 2 Grad (+/-) ergeben sich große Einstellungsmöglichkeiten für jeden einzelnen Spieler. Deutlich weniger Offset als der Vorgänger und Polymer-Backcover runden das Gesamtpaket ab.


RH | LH | 3-PW | 

The longer club face of the T300 irons – compared to Titleist’s T100s and T200 irons – results in a higher moment of inertia. Combined with strategically placed and increased tungsten weights in the tip, forgiveness increases across the entire clubface and results in longer and straighter balls on a large number of hits.


RH | LH | 2-4 | 

Titleist’s U505 Driving Iron launches the ball relatively high for its low loft, producing hybrid-like long shots with a penetrating ball flight that better players desire. Featuring „Max-Impact“ technology, tungsten weights in the heel and toe and the polymer back cover familiar from the T200, the U505 provides a rather high launch and greater stability for off-centre hits.

Titleist CNCPT


RH | 3 – PW |  

The Concept Series is definitely Titleist’s technological flagship and comes with 113g tungsten (just under 50%) in the sporty CP02. The clubface is maximally thin, which produces the best ball speed in the Titleist family. The price is quite a bit higher than a normal Titleist iron but is justified by other materials and an incomparable performance. The head is aimed at the good player with a keen interest in materials.


RH | 3 – PW | 

The CP03 is a corner larger than the CP02 and brings a similar tungsten content of just under 50%. The face is maximally thin, which produces the best ball speed in the Titleist family. The price is quite a bit higher than a normal Titleist iron but is justified by other materials and incomparable performance. A combination with CP02 and/or CP04 is also possible without any problems.


RH | LH | 4 – PW | 

The CP04 is a corner larger than the CP03 and brings with it a similar tungsten content of just under 50%. The face is maximally thin, which produces the best ball speed in the Titleist family. The price is quite a bit higher than a normal Titleist iron but is justified by other materials and incomparable performance. This head can be mastered by any level of player and offers many advantages in terms of forgiveness, especially for the average golfer.

Titleist Wedges

Vokey and its R&D team have managed to develop a centre of gravity that is extremely far forward, even in front of the clubface. As a result, the Vokey SM8 wedge tends to stand square at impact. The result is improved control, shot consistency, a softer feel and more stability for more consistent shots.

Vokey SM8

Revised Progressive CG design – a centre of gravity that lies in front of the clubface for straighter shots and better length control

Advanced sole grind options: Six different grinds equip each wedge with more versatility

Spin Milled Grooves – 100% quality tested for maximum spin and control

Double durability of edge sharpness due to special heat treatment

Scotty Cameron Putter

Special Select Newport 2
Special Select Squareback2
Special Select Fastback1.5
Phantom X6
Phantom X12.5

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