Every year, well-known golf club manufacturers launch new products on the market with the aim of simplifying the game of golf. For the golfer, stroke distance, precision and consistency play a decisive role. As a normal amateur golfer, you have to be aware that golf clubs for professional players have to fulfil completely different requirements – they usually hit the golf ball much more accurately and the speed exceeds that of a recreational player by worlds.

HELIX Golf does not focus on the professional player, but on the ordinary golfer. The focus is on performance and a cool design. After more than 10 years of intensive testing and comparisons, we have designed a product line with HELIX that is second to none in terms of forgiveness on poor hits.

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Helix Iron

Helix 023MB Silver
Helix 023MB Black
Helix 023i


RH | 4-PW | Silver  | (Black – SOLD OUT)

The sportier of the two Helix irons comes in a medium width and a really cool silver design (also available in black). Constructed from two pieces and featuring a cavity, the head delivers great feedback and extreme shot distances. The sole with a bit more bounce glides perfectly over the ground and prevents too „fat“ hits. Available in different lie angles, a special upright series for players with a tendency to slice and also easily adjustable, makes the Helix MB an absolute all-rounder for all levels of play.

HELIX 023i

 RH | 4-PW, GW, SW |

The bigger brother of the two Helix irons features a wider sole and a damper on the back. This conveys safety and a soft feel. The larger offset supports a draw curve and high launch angle. Two screws on the back stabilise off-centre hits. A real distance weapon for intermediate golfers and beginners. Top optics and top support from the material side for a high draw curve – if these are not absolute arguments!

Helix Wedges

Helix 023SX Silver
Helix 023SX Black
Helix 023SF
Helix 023S



 RH | 50° – 55° – 60° | Silver  | Black

Spin Extreme – the name says it all, whether in silver or in the noble DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) finish, which not only ensures shining eyes, but also extreme durability! The wedge convinces with absolute precision and aesthetics, due to the CNC milled face & grooves. Easily adjustable with +/- 3°, with a special Upright Series for players who often get the tip stuck in the ground and a tuned Bounce System for different areas of use from bunker, chip, pitch to full swing.


 RH | 50° – 55° – 60° |

The HELIX Spin Force Wedge is a slightly heavier wedge that promises more stability for off-centre hits and ground contact due to the head weight. The design is absolutely clean and minimalistic, and the CNC-milled face and grooves make this wedge incredibly precise to play. As typical for HELIX, a loft/lie adjustment is possible and thus has a variable area of use from bunker to chips, pitches and full shots.




 RH | 56° |

S stands for Slider – and the wedge has absolutely earned its name. The concise rounded sole glides perfectly through the sand and semi-rough, so that pitches, chips and full shots can be played almost without resistance. The extremely wide sole prevents the head from digging in, which – like all HELIX products – is adjustable in loft & lie. For players who like to keep their toe on the ground, there is also an extra Upright series.

Helix Putter



 RH |

The Helix 023M putter provides a more neutral swing path in the mallet design and is an absolutely reliable and damn precise companion for the last few metres. Individuality is a top priority at HELIX: With a lie adjustment of +/- 2° and a loft adjustment of +/- 1°, it can be ideally matched to the putting motion and is even available in two designs, depending on the player’s alignment preference.




 RH  | Silver  | Black 

Definitely a rather exceptional club – exceptionally good! Player types who have trouble making clean contact with flatter chips will find the HELIX Chipper probably the easiest remedy imaginable. The visually appealing, futuristic looking club (available in silver and black finishes). The 023C has the loft of a typical 8-iron and provides a pronounced roll during chip & run play.

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